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Airline Timetable Delay statistics
> ArrivalsFlightOriginTime
MondayW5113Istanbul Airport (TR)15:20
MondayW560Dubai (AE)14:20
MondayW5117Istanbul Airport (TR)15:45
MondayW562Dubai Airport (AE)15:30
MondayW5121Istanbul Airport (TR)18:30
MondayW580Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)23:14
MondayW5115Istanbul Airport (TR)01:00
MondayW564Dubai Airport (AE)23:20
MondayW586Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (CN)04:10
TuesdayW578Beijing Capital International Airport (CN)08:02
TuesdayW55059Erbil International Airport (IQ)12:10
TuesdayW585Vnukovo Airport (RU)15:45
TuesdayW5113Istanbul Airport (TR)15:20
TuesdayW560Dubai Airport (AE)14:20
TuesdayW5117Istanbul Airport (TR)15:45
TuesdayW562Dubai Airport (AE)15:30
TuesdayW5121Istanbul Airport (TR)18:50
TuesdayW5115Istanbul Airport (TR)01:12
TuesdayW564Dubai Airport (AE)23:20
TuesdayW550Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)03:30
TuesdayW576Shanghai Pudong International Airport (CN)04:00
TuesdayW586Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (CN)04:10
TuesdayW580Guangzhou Baiyun Airport (CN)04:30
WednesdayW576Shanghai Pudong International Airport (CN)05:45
WednesdayW5113Istanbul Airport (TR)15:20
WednesdayW5119Esenboga Airport (TR)15:05
WednesdayW560Dubai Airport (AE)14:20
WednesdayW5117Istanbul Airport (TR)15:45
WednesdayW562Dubai Airport (AE)15:30
WednesdayW5121Istanbul Airport (TR)18:30
WednesdayW55057Sulaimaniyah International Airport (IQ)20:40
WednesdayW5115Istanbul Airport (TR)01:15
WednesdayW564Dubai Airport (AE)23:30
ThursdayW576Shanghai Pudong International Airport (CN)06:29
ThursdayW578Beijing Capital International Airport (CN)06:33
ThursdayW5113Istanbul Airport (TR)15:20
ThursdayW585Vnukovo Airport (RU)15:35
ThursdayW560Dubai Airport (AE)14:20
ThursdayW5117Istanbul Airport (TR)15:45
ThursdayW5121Istanbul Airport (TR)18:30
ThursdayW5115Istanbul Airport (TR)01:00
ThursdayW564Dubai Airport (AE)23:20
FridayW576Shanghai Pudong International Airport (CN)06:18
FridayW5113Istanbul Airport (TR)15:20
FridayW560Dubai Airport (AE)14:20
FridayW5117Istanbul Airport (TR)15:45
FridayW55059Erbil International Airport (IQ)15:40
FridayW55057Sulaimaniyah International Airport (IQ)15:50
FridayW562Dubai Airport (AE)15:30
FridayW5121Istanbul Airport (TR)18:30
FridayW5115Istanbul Airport (TR)01:00
FridayW564Dubai Airport (AE)23:20
FridayW550Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)03:30
FridayW586Shenzhen Bao'an International Airport (CN)04:10
SaturdayW570Indira Gandhi International Airport (IN)05:20
SaturdayW5113Istanbul Airport (TR)15:30
SaturdayW560Dubai Airport (AE)14:30
SaturdayW5117Istanbul Airport (TR)15:45
SaturdayW5121Istanbul Airport (TR)18:30
SaturdayW5115Istanbul Airport (TR)00:50
SaturdayW564Dubai Airport (AE)23:25
SaturdayW576Shanghai Pudong International Airport (CN)04:00
SundayW576Shanghai Pudong International Airport (CN)05:43
SundayW578Beijing Capital International Airport (CN)05:44
SundayW55057Sulaimaniyah International Airport (IQ)10:20
SundayW585Vnukovo Airport (RU)15:45
SundayW5119Esenboga Airport (TR)14:40
SundayW5113Istanbul Airport (TR)15:20
SundayW560Dubai Airport (AE)14:20
SundayW5117Istanbul Airport (TR)15:45
SundayW55059Erbil International Airport (IQ)15:10
SundayW562Dubai Airport (AE)15:30
SundayW5121Istanbul Airport (TR)19:15
SundayW5115Istanbul Airport (TR)01:12
SundayW564Dubai Airport (AE)23:53
SundayW550Suvarnabhumi Airport (TH)03:30
SundayW582Kuala Lumpur International Airport (MY)03:35
Disclaimer: the above timetable is given as an indication. Furthermore, codeshared flights may not be displayed.

The last delays recently noted:

AirlineFlightDelay on departureDelay on arrival
W55059 on 07/2021
W560 on 07/2021
W55059 on 07/2021
W5113 on 05/2021
W576 on 04/2021
W578 on 04/2021
W5115 on 03/2021
W5115 on 03/2021
W5113 on 03/2021
W578 on 03/2021
W580 on 03/2021
W5115 on 02/2021
W576 on 02/2021
W576 on 02/2021
W586 on 02/2021
W576 on 02/2021
W578 on 02/2021
W580 on 02/2021
W5119 on 02/2021
W5113 on 01/2021
W5113 on 01/2021
W560 on 01/2021
W5119 on 01/2021
W5115 on 01/2021
W5113 on 01/2021
W560 on 01/2021
W586 on 01/2021
W576 on 01/2021
W582 on 01/2021
W560 on 12/2020
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